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Upcoming Shows

Tuesday 21 August 2018

It is not to miss on August 21 at St-Henri, Mademoizelle Fizz will be at  the Parc Berge Fleurie from 19h!


Mademoizelle Fizz offers a sought artistic style and devotes herself to Jazz music. Accompanied by her musicians, she performed across Québec and has been approached by several corporate events. In 2009, she decided to lauch the album, ``Mademoizelle Fizz Chante Henri Salvador`` which has won a huge success with the public. She then released the album ``Plaisir Coupable``, in 2012, in which she performes more success, in an unprecedented and original way. Finally, in 2015, she presents us ``Ibiza Shore, her original work, recalling her long journey on the mediterranean island.