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Upcoming Shows

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Sunday 28 July 2019

Saturday 27 July 2019

The Singing Pianos will be at the Festival Retro de Jolly on July 27th! 

Friday 26 July 2019

The duo awaits you in St-Georges for a lively evening!

Thursday 25 July 2019

The duo awaits you in Victoriaville for a lively evening!


Two singers, two pianos, a lots of laugh and what a performance!!

This is what you're about to live if you assist at  "The Singing Pianos". Only Classics from the 60's 'til today all in version "Piano-piano" performed by GILL POITRAS and ALEXANDRE RACINE.

The public is needed for participation! Then you'll ear and sing along your favorite's Elton John, Supertramp, Styx, the Beatles and Lady Gaga classics like you never ear them before!

With "The Singing Pianos", It is THE Music Celebration!

CD / 12$
Ajouté il y a 2 semaines